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At Peace in the Home, values are everything!  Values are those critical beliefs which guide us in choosing one way over another.  In relationships, values are especially important, for they influence how we "do" relationships:  if we marry, who we marry, how we behave before and within marriage, how we raise our children, and ultimately, how we define success.

Values spring from one’s "worldview" -- how one looks at the world.  Everyone has a "worldview".  At Peace in the Home, we hold a biblical worldview, so our core values spring from what scripture says about relationships.  That doesn’t mean we are really "religious", but it does mean we hold a high view of marriage, parenting and children.

So, here are ten unbendable values upon which Peace in the Home is founded:
God's design for the family is grounded in His Word, not in the imagination of man.
God's design for humanity involves two distinct, complementary and unchangeable genders, both of which equally bear His image.
God's design for marriage is a lifelong union between one man and one woman.
God's design for the family is headed by a husband and father whose love is demonstrated by how he lives.
God's design for sexual expression is solely within the context of marriage.
God's design for the family recognizes that parenting is less of a right than it is a privilege, high responsibility and blessing from the hand of our Creator.
God's Word affirms that children, born or yet unborn, are precious gifts of inestimable value.
God's Word teaches that homosexual behaviour is a violation of God’s moral law. Research also confirms it is a form of gender brokenness, and when unwanted, is changeable through various ministry and clinical interventions.
"Civil unions", "domestic partnerships" and cohabitation between opposite or same-gender individuals are neither components of God's design for singleness, nor do they reflect his design for marriage.
When we fall short of God’s design, by His mercy and grace, God promises to restore those who genuinely turn to Him and seek His forgiveness.