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Peace in the Home believes that parenting is the highest human privilege and responsibility.  What task in life can compare with the significance of preparing the next generation?  Yet, parenting isn't without its challenges!  High expectations of ourselves and our children can lead to feelings of guilt and discontent.

One of the reasons, we believe, is that there are no parenting "experts" -- no definitive source of easy answers.  Each child is a unique creation, pre-installed with a will, temperament and bents which both delight and challenge his parents in different ways during each of his developmental stages.

Another reason is most of us have adopted parenting styles modeled by our mothers and fathers.  We tend to parent as we were parented, at least until we learn new habits of relating.

Adding to the challenge, moms and dads often receive mixed messages from our culture.  Neighbors, pediatricians, family (and yes, even single friends!), freely offer up advice on parenting styles, discipline, where mom should be during the day, who sleeps with whom, and whether the home should be adult or child-centered.

So, where can responsible parents turn for answers?

We like how scripture speaks to the hearts of fathers and mothers.  God's design is a model of grace-filled, present and active, and value-laden parenting.  Given its track record and source, it’s the model we teach.  But, rather than speaking as "experts", we prefer to raise awareness about issues relevant to all families, in a non-judgmental atmosphere where parents can encourage each other.

Whether you are an overwhelmed single mom or dad, or whether you just need a few "tools" to stop the whining, we encourage you to become a more intentional father or mother.  To take responsibility for the primary role God has given you to shape the next generation.  Our parenting events are designed to do just that.  Please join us!!!