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Peace in the Home recognizes that the leadership and families of small-to-medium-sized churches need to be supported and equipped just as much as those of larger gatherings.

For churches with Sunday attendance under 300, we offer a more informal relationship, yet still a highly responsive means of providing family ministry.

Rather than bundle services, churches simply choose which family ministry service best meets their needs at any point in time.  We can put together just one marriage or parenting event on a specific topic, or design an entire series of relationship workshops.
Our core services are in conducting creative, fun and life-changing marriage or parenting seminars, workshops, retreats or classes.  Churches choose the dates and the topics, and then act as host to Peace in the Home speakers.
Specialized family ministry when you want it.
Church gains another touchpoint to a relationship-hungry community.
Homes of church members become stronger, healthier places.
Collaborate. Peace in the Home will be sensitive to the goals, passions and ideas of church leadership.  We are here to serve you.
Remain Faithful. Peace in the Home will hold true to a biblical theology of the family, believing it to be God’s desire for humanity, and the best model for the home.
Peace in the Home has produced a guide for organizations wanting to host one of our events or workshops.  The guide contains suggestions for holding a successful marriage or parenting event.  It should also help to manage expectations and responsibilities as we work together to impact marriages and families.

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