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For churches with Sunday attendance in excess of 300, we are pleased to offer our Church Partnership Program of bundled family ministry.
Peace in the Home is seeking relationships with a few churches who are committed to strengthening marriages and families ... churches who want to instill more hope in more homes.

We propose coming alongside of our partner churches by ...
Presenting creative, fun and interactive marriage and parenting seminars,
Equipping mentor couples from each church,
Supporting and encouraging single moms and dads,
Assessing the family needs and life cycle stages of each congregation,
Conducting marriage retreats, and
Being available for marriage crisis intervention.
Three "bundles" of family ministry are available, depending on the needs and budget of each church.  Each bundle contains a mix of preventative and prescriptive services for both married couples and parents.  Please contact us for details and prices.
Comprehensive family ministry without the need to pay salaries or benefits.
An expanded repertoire of ministries for building bridges to families in the community.
Pastor's "pile of stuff" becomes smaller, allowing him to minister more to his strengths.
Homes of church members become stronger, healthier places.
Focus. Peace in the Home will devote its time and attention to the marriages and families of our church partners.
Prioritize. Peace in the Home will offer partner churches first priority on any new family ministry offerings.
Collaborate. Peace in the Home will be sensitive to the goals, passions and ideas of church leadership. We are here to serve you.
Remain Faithful. Peace in the Home will hold true to a biblical theology of the family, believing it to be God's desire for humanity, and the best model for the home.

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